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13 Elements is the premier choice for custom window fabrication in Portland, Bend, Medford, and the surrounding cities. We fabricate doors, windows, sliding glass doors, and much more using German-engineered machinery to produce top-of-the-line Reynaers Aluminum systems. We also work with preferred installation partners, giving you a quality window product with multiple installation options.

Reynaers Aluminium Windows

Custom Windows & Doors | Portland, OR

At 13 Elements, we’re proud to offer one of the most elite and innovative window products on the market. Our wide selection of windows and doors includes:

Interior view of homes High-End Windows

Fixed & Operable Windows

Choose from a variety of high-quality, unique materials in multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations. Our fixed and operable windows provide an eye-catching appearance, slim design, and impressive insulation.


  • Multiple Frame & Vent Options
  • European Inspired Tilt-Turn Operation
  • Inward / Outward Opening Configurations
  • Classic (Steel Look) Design Variant
  • SDL / TDL Multi-Pane Units
  • Purity Designer Handles
  • Combines With Door & Curtain Wall Solutions

Swing Doors

Our swing doors are among the best on the market, giving exceptional insulation, security, and aesthetic appeal. They can be used for both residential and commercial settings on the interior or exterior of a building. 


  • Single / Double Panel Doors Up to 10 Ft. High
  • Large Single Panel Pivot Doors
  • Optional Concealed Hinges
  • Purity & Touch Handles
  • Classic (Slim Steel Look) Design Variant
  • Seamlessly Combines With Window Solutions
Tall High-End Windows and Glass Patio Doors
Large glass sliding doors

Sliding Doors

Like our windows, our sliding doors are fabricated from the highest quality extruded aluminum materials to provide a modern appearance and impeccable functionality. We offer various types of sliding doors to bring a space together. 


  • Mono, 2, 3, & Multi Rail Configurations
  • Lift & Slide Technology
  • Flat & Zero (Flush) Thresholds
  • 90 Degree Corner Profiles
  • Pocket Solution
  • High Design – Slimline Sliding Door

Folding Doors

Our carefully designed folding doors are a product of superior engineering. Offering a self-supporting frame and bottom roller system, they make it easier than ever to get where you need to go. 


  • Bottom Roller System
  • Self-Supporting Frame
  • Opening Configurations Up to 8 Panels
  • 4 Ft. Wide Panels
  • Inward / Outward Opening Configurations
  • Single Man-Door for Simple Passage
  • Classic (Steel Look) Design Variant
High-end glass folding doors
high-end curtain walls made of large glass windows

Curtain Walls

Embrace your creativity with curtain walls, which can be curated and designed to your exact specifications. With multiple design and glazing options to choose from, curtain walls provide endless possibilities to bring the outdoors inside.


  • Standard 2” Visible Width for All Spans
  • Variety of Cap Designs & Sizes
  • Structurally Clamped Configuration
  • Slim (Steel Look) Frame Option
  • Combines With All Other Product Solutions

& Much More

In addition to our wide variety of high-end window products and solutions, we offer the following options:

  • Automated Locking Systems
  • Magnetic Contacts
  • Motorized Windows
  • And More
high-end business glass windows

Custom Window Fabrication Company | Portland, OR

About 13 Elements

13 Elements is a premier partner, certified fabricator, and authorized retailer of Reynaers Aluminum. Our windows are European and high performance in terms of energy efficiency and water intrusion. The precision and engineering is second to none. 

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